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aluna the movie

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aluna the movieALUNA is a documentary, but is very different in style from our last effort in 1990, “From the Heart of the World”.  That was simply a televised warning that we need to be less greedy, to plunder less from the earth.  They recognize that things are now worse, that we are rapidly approaching catastrophe.  They want to show us how they see the structure of life of earth actually works, and enable us to see into the heart of the danger.  They want to introduce us to ALUNA, the mind inside nature.

They are going to trace “Black Lines”, paths through which primordial energies flow into the world (“Black” because they open to the world before creation).  They will follow these lines, both radially from the peak of the Sierra to its base, and also around the base, showing the “sacred sites” where this energy is moderated and controlled.  They will be showing how and where many of these sites are being torn to pieces, and what effect that has.  This is a catastrophic danger not just to the Sierra, but to the whole planet, irrevocably bound to events and activities far from Colombia.

They will trace these lines with a golden thread, the longest ever made, with which the Mamos will walk through hundreds of miles of difficult, and sometimes dangerous territory.  It will be an epic journey.  Gold is itself a changeless material through which energy flows from ALUNA, and of course is at the heart of our own project to tear “wealth” from the earth and pocket it.  That, after all, is why America was taken from its people.

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