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american indian logoThe American Indian Institute is a not for profit corporation based in Montana, North America. Founded in 1972 the Institute's mission is to perpetuate the ancient wisdoms and cultural heritages of North America's Native peoples, and to promote among all people an understanding of the contemporary relevance of that wisdom.

The Institute achieves its mission by serving as the administrative agency and support source for the Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth, a grassroots group consisting of the respected traditional leaders and Elders of Native American communities from throughout North America.

Together these “Two Circles” achieve their mission through annual Council gatherings of traditional Native peoples, healing programs within Indian communities, interaction between Indian Elders and Indian youth, and efforts to educate non-Indians about the wisdom and harmony inherent in the traditional indigenous worldview.

“It is up to us as youth to accept the responsibility to honor this gift of life we've been given, and seek out those leaders who will help us find the courage within ourselves so we will continue to decide to survive.”

Indian Youth of the Traditional Circle